Sport Provision


As part of the Gateshead SSCO we will be participating in a variety of sports festivals and events.  This will include Gymnastics, Athletics, Kwik Cricket, Multi Skills.

As a school we have our own Dance Festival each year in the summer term.  Each class prepares a presentation and performs it for the rest of the school.

Over the course of the school year we have a number of after school clubs provided by various companies.  We have Football, Gymnastics and Summer Sports.

Year 5 attend swimming lessons all year round and participate in the Gala in the summer term.  Year 6 children will be assessed on their swimming in the summer term, any child who does not meet the KS2 standard will be required to attend swimming lessons

During the Summer term, Year 6 pupils who are unable to swim for 25m receive extra swimming lessons.  As of July 2018, 77% of our Year 6 pupils were able to swim confidently for 25 metres.,



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