School Uniform


St Oswald’s school uniform is as follows;


  • Grey or black trousers,
  • red polo shirt,
  • red sweatshirt or jumper,
  • black school shoes


  • Grey or black trousers, skirt or pinafore.
  • Red polo shirt,
  • red cardigan or sweatshirt,
  • plain white socks, black or grey tights,
  • black school shoes.

PE Kit
Black shorts and plain white tee-shirts with trainers for KS2 and sandshoes for KS1.

We are proud of our smart uniform and the image that this presents within school and beyond the school community.  The school’s expectations for hair styles are equally as high as they contribute to this positive image.  Our school does not permit children to have haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other children.  Hairstyles should be appropriate for school.  Extreme hairstyles, including markings in hair, shaved heads, or hair colour are not permitted.

Nail varnish or gel/acrylic nails should not be worn for school.

Make up is not permitted in school.

Jewellery (including earrings)
Is not permitted for health and safety reasons.  A small wrist watch can be worn if your child can tell the time.

If you would like to get your child’s ears pierced please do so at the beginning of the summer holidays, that way they will be able to be removed when they come back to school in September.





school uniform

More Information

Uniform can be purchased at any time during the school year by using the application form below.

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