Year Six

Ms Welsh

Hello, and welcome to Year 6!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer and are raring to go at the start of this important year for Year 6 children across the country. The children will be working hard (as will all the adults) throughout their time in Year 6 and we hope to see continued improvements in everything that they do.

During your child’s time in Year 6, they will be expected to consolidate their grasp of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. They will develop skills related to planning the key features of these texts, as well as practising their ability to write for a given length of time. Your child will also be expected to further develop the speed and accuracy of mental calculations to reinforce calculations as part of problem – solving tasks, as well as covering objectives related to Shape and space, Data Handling and Measurement.

Homework is an essential part of your child’s learning, and children will be expected to read every day and complete an English and Maths related activity each week. We are, of course, more than happy to help children if they need further instruction before homework is due to be returned – homework should not be a cause of extreme anxiety!With the children moving on to secondary school at the end of

Year 6 there will of course also be the opportunity to participate in a number of fun trips and activities, as well as all of the fabulously entertaining lessons that will keep the children amused and educated.

Please feel free to contact Miss Welsh- through the school office should any queries arise.

The children will be working hard throughout this year, ensuring that they are ready for their transition to secondary schools in the summer.  I am confident that they will have a successful and enjoyable final year at St Oswald’s!


Year 6 School Council representatives are:


Adam Bushnell Visit

Year six had a fantastic morning with the local author Adam Bushnell. "It was amazing, I was really interested in what he was saying about World War 2." - Lucy "I loved holding the guns from WW1 and WW2." - Jake "We got to smell lots of different smells from WW2, I...

Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who donated food for our Harvest festival.  Once again we were delighted at the amount of food donated. This year we bagged up the food and delivered half of it to local residents, and the other half was donated to Gateshead food bank.  They were...


The Reception children enjoyed spending time with their buddies in Year 6 on Friday...

Dare to Aspire Workshop

The Key Stage Two children enjoyed a workshop which was designed to encourage children to have aspirations and follow their dreams. Charley in Year 6 - I loved it especially when he said "You cannot fall further than the floor." Alicia in Year 6 - I like how he told...

Welcome Liturgy – Wednesday 20th September

Year 6 and Reception class held a lovely liturgy on Wednesday to welcome the Reception children to the St Oswald's family.  Everyone sang beautifully and some lovely prayers were said.  We hope Reception will have a fantastic time at St...


The Year 6 children enjoyed spending time in Reception class...

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