Year Four

Miss Colligan

Welcome to Year Four

We are really excited to be in Year 4! This term we will be leaning all about the Victorians. We will be focusing on how Queen Victoria changed Britain during her reign and the influence on life today.  We will be completing our own research to develop our understanding of the Victorians.

In English we will be reading the book Street Child. We will be using the book to complete diary entries and letters taking the role of different characters within the story. We will be working hard to continue developing our handwriting and working towards achieving a pen licence.

We will be reading a lot in Year 4 as a class and on our own. Reading is a very important skill and we ask that you continue to read with your child every day.

In maths we will be developing our understanding of the four operations and work to become more confident to answer word problems and challenges. We will be focusing on mental maths this year and will be aiming to know all our times tables from the 2s to 12s. Please keep working on these at home.

We will be having PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday so please have your PE kit in school every week.

Keep checking this page for updates on the fantastic things we will do this year!

Miss Colligan


Year 4 School Council representatives are:



Sikh Visitor

Years 2, 4, 5 and 6 welcomed Cloud Singh into their classrooms to explore the Sikh faith. Cloud said he was delighted with the children’s attitudes and interesting questions. We learned lots about the 5 Ks and the Gurdwara. Thank you very much Cloud for sharing your...

Skipping Festival

Year 4 had a fantastic morning participating in the Skipping Festival. They have all worked hard on some tricky skipping skills and even managed to win some of the events! The skipping dance was fantastic filled with skipping, dance moves and gymnastics! Well...


In science, year 4 are learning about Sound. Today we explored how sounds have different pitches as some sounds are high and others are low. We then followed instructions to make a set of panpipes exploring how the length of the pipe changed the pitch of the sound....


Year 3 have been finding different ways of making a whole using items such as scissors, cubes, Smarties and Lego. Looking at the different parts that make up the whole have helped us understand...

Year 4 and Year 5 visit to Jorvik Museum

Year 4 and Year 5 had a brilliant day in York visiting the Jorvik Museum. Matthew - I loved the trip. My favourite part was the museum. Jonah - I liked walking over the glass floor and looking at the things in the museum. I enjoyed dressing up as an Anglo Saxon Mia...

Times Up Challenge

Four Year 4 children represented the school in the Times Up Challenge! They used their knowledge of the four mathematical operations to complete challenges in a race against the clock. Well...

Anglo Saxons

Fantastic Homework! We are very proud of our work on the Anglo Saxons. We have made some round houses out of a variety of different materials, drawn sketches of Anglo Saxon villages and completed our own research about Anglo Saxon life at home. Well done...

Water Cycle

Year 4 have been learning about the processes in the Water cycle. We each made a moving water cycle wheel to show the four processes and how the cycle keeps repeating...

Illuminated Letters

Year 4 have been designing their own illuminated letters in the style of the Anglo Saxons. We are really proud of our art...

Chocolate Experiment

Year 4 have been looking at how solids, liquids and gasses change state. We experimented with heating up chocolate to see the change from a solid to a liquid. We have been working hard to use some scientific words when talking about our...

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