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Welcome to Reception

In Reception Class the principles that form the basis of your child’s education are to provide a safe, welcoming, happy and stimulating atmosphere, where we can motivate and encourage your child in the learning process.

By offering a wide range of activities using our indoor and outdoor environments we aim to discover and develop the particular needs and strengths of each child and build upon their independence. This will enable them to explore all areas of the curriculum.

Each child’s learning journey is individual to their needs at this age, as they develop at different stages during this year.




Washington Wildfowl Trust

Reception Class vsisted Washington Wildfowl Trust. "We went to see the flamingo they were really pink" said Mia Lily said "We went pond dipping and found water snails, tadpoles and pond skaters." Leighton said "I liked feeding the ducks." "It was a beautiful sunny day...

Where’s Winnie The Pooh been this week?

Lyle enjoyed sharing his weekend adventures with his class.  Lyle said "I made a farm with sheep and lambs and dinosuars.  Winnie wasn't scared.  I went at Grandad Gary's.  I went on the quad with Winnie.  We went bowling and Winnie got a strike!  We had burgers and...

My Weekend with Winnie the Pooh – By Sophia

Winnie the Pooh had a wonderful weekend with Sophia. 'On Friday we painted, on Saturday we went to ballet and then to the park.  On Sunday we went to the Riverside Park.  I had a chocolate ice-cream, Winnie had...

Breakfast with the three bears

We had breakfast with the three bears. "The porridge was just right and the toast was crunchy!" said Lily Mia said "The three bears came from their cottage." "The bears eat the porridge all up" said Amelia Leah said "Everybody had some porridge and...

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