First Confession

Reconciliation Programme

St Oswald’s School and Parish follow the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle guide lines on the delivery of this programme, which is offered to children in Year 4 and above. Where possible the child/ children should be attending a Catholic school and be a baptised Catholic.

Our programme is a three way partnership between Parish, School and  parents.

Parents are expected to attend mass each week with their child. St Oswald’s has a 10am Family Mass each Sunday which includes a Liturgy Group for the children. This is to assist the parents in their role as educators of their children in the Catholic faith.

The Parish/ School have monthly meetings with the parents/ child to develop an understanding of/ and preparation for the liturgical celebration of First Reconciliation. The parish focuses on the spiritual development of the child/ family.

First Confession ( Reconciliation) is made in the Autumn term

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