Faith - Introduction

Our aim is to provide an education which is rich in all aspects of Catholic life.

We encourage partnership with the family in our journey in faith, which starts with the Baptismal Commitment.

Using Gospel values, we foster a respect for self and others and teach how to know the difference between right and wrong based on the Commandments.  We aim to achieve high standards through a rich and varied curriculum.  We hope to enable each individual to be happy and to reach their maximum potential by nurturing, developing and celebrating their many talents.




We constantly strive to develop an awareness of those less fortunate and to foster a spirit of service, selflessness, reconciliation and mutual respect.  Our children are extremely good at helping others: CAFOD, local foodbanks, elderly neighbours, the homeless and San Columbano in Peru.


The church and the school work together to ensure that the children have a strong formation of faith including a strong understanding of the significance of all sacraments and in particular First Holy Communion.

Children express and celebrate their faith in a number of ways. We have a robust timetable of liturgies throughout the year.  Father Kevin comes into school weekly to celebrate Mass with the children.

The ‘Come and See’ programme of Religious Education allows children to deepen their own faith with an understanding of the Gospel values in the context of society today.  Children are encouraged to ask questions that deepen their knowledge and understanding of other world faiths, whilst promoting tolerance towards others.

The unique support that we receive from our school Chaplain twice a week allows us to promote spirituality throughout the whole day including break-times.  Our prayer and reflection room provides us with a superb space for personal and group reflection, fulfillment and spiritual growth.

Children leave our school with a secure understanding of their own faith and what that means to them. They are confident in what they believe and willing to share their faith with others.

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