Year 5 have had an amazing few days in London with Miss Horkan, Mrs Musgrove and Miss Welsh.

Martin: I think the London Eye was the most exciting thing in London. The cruise was also very, very exciting. I think Explore4All was the cause of all the excitement. London is great! Go Peter and Kev! Go Explore4All!

Damian: I liked it when we went to the Science Museum. I liked what you could do in there. I really enjoyed the London Eye, especially the top since there was a beautiful view! I also enjoyed the River Cruise since I enjoyed listening to the tour.

Millie: When my class went to London, we had an amazing time. We did lots of walking and my feet are hurting! My favourite part was when we went on the London Eye because the view was amazing. You got to see lots of things you wouldn’t get to see if you were walking around.

Anna: Our visit to London was amazing! It was so fun! We had food at three amazing, scrumptious restaurants and we stayed at a clean, big and nice well-looked after hostel with an amazing view of London! We went to the theatre to watch an exceptional performance of the Lion King. We also did our bit like cleaning our rooms and everything else to help the teachers and make it an easier job. We also thank Kevin and Peter for taking us there – we really appreciate you. Thank you.

Roxy: We had a great time in London. We went to really good restaurants and we even went on the London Eye. When we got to London, we all thanked Kevin and Peter and we thanked them on the way back. We went to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum Wonderlab. We went to the Lion King but sadly I fell asleep halfway through.

Alfie: London is a beautiful place with the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament . There is lots of gold there. You can’t believe how much fun it is!

Deborah: I like London! When we got there, I was excited. The best part was the London Eye. It was so fun! I wish we could go back.

Ky: I had the best days of my life! I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Kevin and Peter.

Cairo: I liked London because on the first day we went to 10 Downing Street. On the second day, we went to the Lion King and on the third day we went home L

Summer: My favourite part about London was going to 10 Downing Street and seeing the PM’s house. We saw Theresa May in her car. I can tell when the Queen is in her palace by looking at her guards. If there is one guard, she isn’t there but if there are two then she is home!

Finley: On the first day, we went to one of the best places of the entire trip: Downing Street. It was so cool being there right next to the Prime Minister’s House.

Jonny: We had a really fun time in London. It was really fun and exciting, especially the Lion King. In my opinion, this was the best part.

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