What makes our heart healthy? Year 5 know the answer! We created our own healthy smoothies and we got to get up close with a lamb’s heart! We want to say a big thank you to Angela and Katie from Green Shift for teaching us so much.

Alfie: We need to keep our hearts healthy!

Martin: You can keep your heart healthy by exercising and eating healthily.

Maria: In some fruit and veg there are metals!

Hubert: It’s good to drink water because you won’t be dehydrated and you will be hydrated and have the strength to do any kind of sports!

Millie: If you don’t eat lots of junk food, your heart will stay healthy.

Katie: Fat can stick onto your heart and not come off!

Macey: If you don’t smoke, your heart won’t get damaged.

Roxy: Don’t drink alcohol when you are a child.

Anna: We learned all about carbohydrates and proteins.

Megan: If you drink too much water, you will get poorly.

Ky: If you stop eating junk food, you will live for a very long time!

Mattia: If you eat too much fat, it will get stuck in your blood vessels and the blood won’t flow properly.

Lexi: We all learned about what’s inside a lamb’s heart!

Clement: You can have some junk food, but not much.

Jonny: We learned about what healthy foods are.

Summer: You should drink 2 litres of water every day.

Connor: We learned about the EatWell plate.


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