What an amazing day we have had today.  We welcomed Rock It Climbing into school.  They brought with them a climbing wall, archery, team building activities, fencing and bus tucker survival.

Anna in Year 4 – “Thank you for letting Rock It for coming in to school and do activities with us.  They were amazing.  My favourite part was the rock climbing, when you got to the top and press the button.”


Hubert in Year 4 – “I think the rock climbing was hard but I didn’t give up.  I was nearly at the top but I was out of breath.  Thank you Mrs Musgrove.”

Katie in Year 4 – “I liked today and I hope they come back again.  I loved the archery and the rock climbing.”

Zachary in Year 4 – “I loved the bush craft because we learnt how to survive in the wild.”

Roxy in Year 4 – “The archery was fun, bush craft was even better, team building was exciting and rock climbing was really exciting.”

Damian in Year 4 – “I liked the rock climbing it was scary and fun.  Thank you Mrs Musgrove.”

Ky in Year 4 – “That was the best day of my life, especially the fencing.”


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