Reception class have been reading the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne.  We decided we would like to try the fruit that Handa put in her basket.  We tasted tangerines, oranges, passion fruit, avocado, mango, pineapple and banana.  The most popular fruit was the mango but we loved making silly faces with the oranges!  This is what the children had to say….

Emily ‘I definitely did not like the passion fruit, it was so sour!’

Ian ‘I loved the mango, it was my favourite’

Ava ‘I thought all the fruits were yummy’

Reuben ‘The avocado tasted a bit creamy’

Poppy ‘When I was eating my orange I found a pip in it!’

Ollie T ‘We get tangerines and bananas in our class for snack time’

Lydia ‘I don’t think I’ve ever tried an avocado before!’

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