Wow, what a fantastic day we had at the farm!

We did all sorts! First we went to play in the park in the sun before it got too hot. Lots of us were adventurers and were scaling the rock climbing wall. After that we went to the petting barn and held some small animals. There were rats, guinea pigs, a gecko and a snake. The snake was smooth and the gecko was bumpy. We were very brave! Next we had a ride on the tractor’s trailer; we had to be very careful because it was such a bumpy ride. We saw lots of sheep with their lambs. After our lunch we went to bottle feed the lambs, they were super hungry! Then we fed the goats and went to see the pigs – they were huge! Yum Yum the pig used to live in someone’s house but he got too big so lives on the farm now. We also fed some bigger goats, some Shetland ponies and the meerkats. To finish our day off we played on the toy tractors. We had such a brilliant time that lots of people fell asleep on the way back to school!

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