Katie – “On Thursday 22nd March Year 4 took part in an outdoor adventure activity.  First we had races with a piece of paper wrapped up in a part of our body.  Then we pretended we were stuck on Mount Everest and a massive storm was on its way.  Then we had to make triangles out of 6 sticks.  I really enjoyed it.”

Hubert – “That was an awesome adventure.”

Megan – “We had to pretend to climb Mount Everest. That was really hard because if we stepped out of the rope we would lose.”

Summer – “Today Year 4 took part in an outdoor adventure activity and it was amazing.”


Ky – “We went on a treasure hunt and we did some extreme activities.  Finally, we went home and I thought it was the best day of my life!”

Callum- “We had a fantastic day!”

Arin – “We played a game where we were at the top of Mount Everest.  It was such fun I would love to do it again.”


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