Today we celebrated British Science week by carrying out a few experiments.

We began with testing our sense of taste and smell.  On the table we had 4 plates of crisps but they were not labelled.  Our job was to use our senses to identify the flavours.


We then made a pattern with skittles.  We had to predict what we thought would happen when water was poured onto them.  Check out our pictures.  We made some lovely colours and they still tasted delicious.


Our 3rd experiment involved food colouring, water and paper towels.  Lots of us predicted that the towel might change a bit but we didn’t expect for the entire piece to change colour!  The reason the water is moving up is because paper is absorbent, it sucks up the water making the paper change colour from white to red or blue.

Our final experiment was mixing milk, food colouring and washing up liquid to see the reaction.  Did you know that milk is mainly water mixed with another ingredient? Fat!  The washing up liquid bonds with the fat in the milk.The food colouring is pushed out because the bond is so strong.


We had a fantastic afternoon and we definitely have some budding scientists in Year 2!



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