Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Preston Park Museum today.  We saw how Christmas was celebrated in the past, and even made our own decorations and Christmas cards.

“I liked making Christmas crackers the best.” – Maisie

“The things I liked best at Preston Park Museum are the blacksmiths and the Police station.” – Damian

“My favourite part of Preston Park was the arts and crafts.  We made Christmas crackers, Christmas hangers and Victorian Christmas cards.” – Martin

“My favourite part of Preston Park was when we made the crafts and found out who made the first Christmas card.  He was called Sir Henry Cole.” – Connor K


“I enjoyed Preston Park Museum because it has lots of interesting things to look at.  We dressed up in Victorian style clothes.  It was fun.” – Mattia


“I really enjoyed the Preston Park Museum trip.  I recommend you go because it was fun.  We learnt about the Victorian Christmas.  A man told us about people in the workhouse.  We also had fun with arts and crafts.” – Finley

“We went to Preston Park Museum today and I really enjoyed it.  There was lots of fun things to do and lots of places to go.” – Krzysztof


“I liked everything about Preston Park Museum, but my favourite things were the Police station and the Victorian workshop.” – Alfie

“The thing I liked the best at Preston Park Museum was finding out that Sir Henry Cole made the very first ever Christmas card.” – Millie

“I enjoyed it at Preston Park Museum when we made arts and crafts.  I also found the blacksmith very interesting.” – Roxy

“I loved it when we did the arts and crafts session, we had lots of fun.  Here is a fact you did not know, Sir Henry Cole was the first person to make a Christmas card!” – Lexi

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