On Friday, Year 4 enjoyed tasting and comparing different types of chocolate as part of their Mayan topic.  After researching the origins of the cocoa bean, we had great fun trying to work out the flavours and ingredients to lots of different varieties.

Rhys – “First I tasted the almond chocolate, it was crunchy and slightly sweet – I rated it 9 out of 10.  Next, I tasted the hazelnut and currant – I thought it was disgusting!  It was very sweet and felt like it had too much sugar in it – so i gave it 3.5 out of 10.”

Mason – “The aromatic, sweet chocolate was lovely, it was the white chocolate which was my favourite.”

Jamie – “The butterscotch aroma was luxurious and it had a magnificent taste.”

Craig – “The butterscotch was a delicious chocolate, it was very addictive, a delicious treat.”

Emily – “The hazelnut had a lovely smooth coating of chocolate on the outside and crunchy nuts on the inside.”

Lily – “The first one I tried was ginger, it was very bitter and disgusting.”

Jaydyn – “The burnt toffee had a strange aroma but it was smooth  and succulent.”

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