Today was Pirate Day in reception.  Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes.

Faith – “My favourite thing was looking for treasure.  You find some notes and they tell you where to go.  When we found it I shouted ‘Yeah’.  We’re the best pirates ever!”

Lexie – “I liked it when I played pirate games.”

Amelia T – “I like dressing up.”

Aiden – “I liked finding the treasure.”

Michael – “I liked spotting all the clues and finding the treasure.”

Nina – “I like playing pirate games.  I played the game where you need to do what the Captain does.”

Abbigail – “The pirates stole our treasure and we had to find it with a treasure hunt.”

Lewis – “My favourite thing was finding the treasure.  It was jewels.”

Amelia S – “My favourite thing is the pirate dancing.”

Biruk – “I liked finding the treasure.”

Oscar – “My favourite thing was finding the messages.”

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