As part of the Field to Fork initiative, Year 5 visited Tesco where they learned where their food has come from.


Alicia – “I tried lots of new things.”

Sarah – “Tesco was really fun.  It was fascinating watching how they make the dough for bread, and when we went into the freezer and chiller.”

Rhys – “I tried pepper for the first time.  I loved it, it was great.”

Ellie – “I really enjoyed Tesco.  The freezer was really good, it was like a giant ice cube.”

Hannah – “When we went to Tesco I tried some mango, I really liked it.”

Holly – “It was really fun!  We learned all about how bread was made and we tasted lots of new types of cheese.”

Daisy – “I was so excited to visit Tesco because we went behind the scenes to find out what happens.  It was fun!”

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