Here are some photos from the Year 5 and Year 6 visit to Kingswood.

Brooke, Year 6 – “I loved Kingswood.  My favourite activities were the leap of faith and the abseiling.  I loved the water fights we had and I loved spending my birthday there.”

Lucy, Year 5 – “I loved the abseil the best, it made me feel good.  I liked how we made nicknames for the staff.”

Hannah, Year 5 – “I learned that everything is fun.”

Anna, Year 6 – “I really liked the 3G swing, the 3G swing was the best!”

Katie, Year 5 – “My favourite activity was the 3G swing, it was amazing.  The instructors were really nice.  All the activities were amazing, and Kingswood was amazing.”

Owen, Year 6 – “Kingswood was so amazing, I could go back.  My favourite thing was when we used to dab.”

Luke, Year 5 – “I liked the 3G swing.  At first I was petrified of heights but I’m not scared anymore because I just tried it.”

Taylor -Leigh, Year 6 – “I loved the leap of faith because I caught the trapeze.”

John, Year 5 – “The week was great and my favourite activity was the 3G swing.”

Grace, Year 6 – “I thought nightline was funny, and Greggles was funny!”

Christina, Year 6 – “Kingswood was amazing.  My favourite activity was the nightline because everyone was blind folded!”

Sam, Year 6 – “Kingswood was great, amazing and fun.  All the instructors were amazing and fun.  I enjoyed the 3G swing, outdoor laser, leap of faith and everything else.”

Jake, Year 5 – “My favourite part of Kingswood was the 3G swing because it made me excited about tall and fast rides.”

Erica, Year 6 – “Kingswood was fab, I loved everything about it!”

Kyle, Year 5 – “My favourite activity was the 3G swing.  My favourite leader is Gregg and my favourite moment was our water fight.  I would love to go back.”


Mario, Year 5 – ” What I enjoyed is the camp, the aero ball, and the 3G swing.  So I am grateful for the teachers who are working to encourage Year 5 to go there.”



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