The whole school enjoyed a wonderful morning at the Cooking4Life workshop, learning about nutrition and the importance of eating a healthy lunch.

This term we will be introducing a reward system to encourage children to eat a healthy lunch, whether this is a school lunch or a packed lunch – more details will follow regarding this.

In addition to showing us how to cook and prepare vegetables, the chef demonstrated a healthy and an unhealthy packed lunch.

Here is an example of items to include in a healthy packed lunch.


These are items which should not be included in a packed lunch as they are unhealthy.


Here are some comments from our Year 2 children,

I learned more ingredients than i knew and I liked the wrap.  My favourite part was eating the wrap – Leah

I liked the pasta – Kayla F

I enjoyed it, my favourite part was when the man made the delicious food – Niomi

DSCF2924 DSCF2925

I enjoyed trying the food,  My favourite part was when he cooked the pasta – Amelia

I learnt that some fruit is healthy – Lewis

DSCF2926 DSCF2927 DSCF2928 DSCF2929

I liked the healthy food.  My favourite part was when I ate the food – Kaci

My favourite part was when he made the pasta – Siobhan

DSCF2930 DSCF2931 DSCF2932 DSCF2933

My favourite part was watching the man and Kayla, Mia and Jude making the food. I enjoyed it when he made the pasta salad. I liked it when he said what was good for packed lunches – Alex

I’ve learned that you don’t have to be perfect to cook things like pasta.  My favourite part was cutting the tomatoes and grating a carrot – Kayla K

DSCF2934 DSCF2935 DSCF2936

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