On Friday 11th November Year 5 were visited by Helen Schell, a Space Artist from ESERO who helped us explore the life of an astronaut.  We created our own space stations!

dscn1287 dscn1288 dscn1291 dscn1293 dscn1294 dscn1296 dscn1297 dscn1298 dscn1300 dscn1302 dscn1303 dscn1304 dscn1306 dscn1309 dscn1310 dscn1311 dscn1313 dscn1315 dscn1316 dscn1317 dscn1318 dscn1320 dscn1322 dscn1323 dscn1324 dscn1326 dscn1327 dscn1328 dscn1330 dscn1331 dscn1332 dscn1333 dscn1334 dscn1335 dscn1336

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